Canada Property

The Canadian government has recently announced a new immigration policy for 2021, which will allow people to apply for work visas within five years of graduating from post-secondary school, paving the way for permanent residence in Canada. Canada property prices have been on an upward trend.  Although property prices were volatile in 2018, they will continue to rise from 2019 onwards.  The fastest growth in property prices has been in Vancouver and Toronto. Canada's urban environment is clean Many Canadian properties with marvelous landscape, fulfill the requirements fromdifferent strata for their ideal urban life.   According to the Canadian Immigration Newsletter (CIC News), the 2020 Migration Integration Policy Index (MIPEX) shows that Canada has risen to fourth place overall, up from sixth place in 2015! These excellent conditions This makes Canada property an excellent choice for real estate investment.


Canadian Government's Restrictions on Foreign Investor Purchases Canada property.  Canadian government Keep an open mind to foreign investors around the world.  Global investors can purchase different types of local real estate in Canada.  If investor wishes to apply to mortgage services from a local bank in Canada for their Canada property, which must be vetted by the Bank for their income and creditworthiness.


When buying Canada property Investors must be aware.  In some provinces, non-residents may be restricted from purchasing agricultural or recreational land and may be subject to speculative taxes.


Also the about restriction of purchase or sale of Canada property doesn’t matter the investors possession of Canadian citizenship or not. It depends on the length of stay in Canada.  If foreign investors plans to stay in Canada for less than six months, they will be considered a non-resident by the Canadian authorities.  If you purchase a property as a non-resident, need to be aware that in some areas, additional taxes may be applied.


Investors if you are interested in purchasing Canada property should also need to pay attention of the various local property taxes, including Municipal Land Transfer Tax (MLTT), Property Transfer Tax (PTT), Empty Home Tax,Speculation and Vacancy tax, Annual Property taxes, Non-Resident Speculation Tax etc.


Vancouver Property

Vancouver Real Estate: Vancouver is a popular destination for Chinese immigrants, with many immigrants from Hong Kong, Taiwan and China, and has a well-established Chinese community.  Vancouver property It is easier to adapt to your new life when you buy a property in Vancouver.


Vancouver Real Estate: There are a wide range of properties in different areas to suit your housing needs. For those who need more living space and education for their children, this is an ideal investment option. If you are looking to retire or do not want to change your Hong Kong lifestyle, consider Richmond, which has a large Chinese population and is close to Hong Kong in terms of lifestyle and amenities, and is priced at the mid-range. Burnaby is also becoming more mature as it is the third most populous city and has a mature economy and community with many parks and lakes, and a good location for developers to develop new projects in the area.


Toronto Real Estate 

Toronto's property market has been buoyant, with Chinese buyers in the area seeking out condominiums in Toronto's downtown business district. According to the National Bank of Canada, Toronto's property prices have risen by 10.2%, making it a good choice for investment. Amongst the provinces and territories, Toronto has seen  Amongst a number of provinces and territories, Toronto's property prices have risen significantly Toronto is one of the most popular provinces and regions for property prices. With easy access to public transportation, restaurants and excellent schools, Toronto is a hub for high-paid white-collar workers and university professionals, and has a wide range of entertainment facilities, making the surrounding area a sought-after rental property and Toronto's property market has become  This has made Toronto a hot investment destination.

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Toronto, Canada

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Concord Sky, Toronto, Canada

Toronto, Canada

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Royal Bayview, Toronto, Canada

Toronto, Canada

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