Taiwan Property

Taiwan has always been popular with Hong Kong people and is one of the most popular destinations for immigrants. Apart from the low property prices and cost of living, the culture of living and language are also reasons for Hong Kong people to move to Taiwan. In recent years, the supply of new properties in Taipei has reached 80,000 units, and the excessive number of properties has led to a slight drop in property prices in Taipei. However, Taipei is still the only core area with a concentration of political, cultural, economic and medical developments, and it is difficult for properties in this area to be replaced by those in other locations.

In addition, there are a large number of international students in Taiwan, and the supply of dormitory beds in schools is insufficient to meet demand. In addition to the number of students studying abroad, investors who are looking to buy a property for rent are also looking for properties near traditional schools or top-ranked schools, where the demand for student rental accommodation is high.


Many Hong Kong people prefer to invest in the Taiwanese property market, with properties in New Taipei City, Taipei City and Hsinchu County being the most popular because they are relatively easy to get into and because these areas have great market potential and are home to a high income and high spending target group, with annual household incomes among the highest in Taiwan, confirming the strong buying power of the region. Apart from Taipei, where property prices are slightly higher, Taichung, Tainan and Taitung are all relatively inexpensive options. If you want to buy in Taipei, consider the newly developed areas such as Danshui, Linkou and Banqiao. Kaohsiung is a good second choice, with greater potential for property appreciation than Taipei and Taichung.


Taipei Property

Although Dunnan is a shopping district, there are not many large brands and shops, so it is not as noisy as the main shopping areas such as Ximending and Gongguan, and you don't feel like you are in the city centre once you leave the street and move into a residential area. This area has the advantage of transportation, and the property prices are relatively high for the middle class, so it is definitely the first choice for the middle class. The Xinyi District is a new and exciting area of Taipei City in recent years, with many large shopping malls, brands and commercial establishments located in the vicinity of the new developments, as well as several MRT stations, including the City Hall Station, the National Father Memorial Hall Station and Xinyi Anhe Station. If you have enough money and are looking to invest in a property, Xinyi is a good choice. If you are looking for affordable properties in Taiwan, consider Zhonghe District and Yonghe District, both of which are located at the southern end of Taipei and are connected by the Zhonghe Line, but have older plans and fewer large shops.


The situation in Taiwan is different from that in Hong Kong, where the saleable area is now based on gross floor area. Investors should note that while the term of a property in Taiwan is generally permanent, there are still some properties in the market that are not permanent, known as "land rights", which are generally 50 years old and will be repossessed by the government upon expiry.

陽明一會 (SOLD OUT)

Taipei, China

From TWD 65,490,000*



Taipei, China

From TWD 13,200,000*

昕聯心(數位廣告素材 2)090521_列表頁橫幅01_640x360

HK City, Zhaoqing

Zhaoing, China

From RMB 600,000*